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Thoughts in the Garden

Garden Thoughts
Winter Nights A touch of magic in the shadows of January
The Grain and the Punctum: Thoughts on meaning, in the Garden
Redefining Perfection: From Eva Hesse to Wabi-Sabi – impermanence and beauty
Intrigue and Mystery:  Liminal Spaces, the obscure, unnamable, The Hallow
St David’s Day: Remembering Family


David Nash

Daniel Ost

Ishihara Kazuyuki


Preparing to Move Indoors:Houseplants, preparing for the winter lockdown
Woodland ShadeA cool mossy hideaway on a punishing summer day
Capturing Summer: Pressed wildflowers
Love is all around – a few snaps of some of the season’s roses, and a bonus Venus fly trap!
Healing Bitters; The Healing Properties of Bitter Plants (includes recipes for food and skin)
Spring: Some of the season’s first brave flowers
Bliss: cool flowers on a hot day – bluebells, forget-me-nots, purple-tinged white tulips

Jobs for Winter

Who starts a gardening blog in winter?
Well, it’s not all sunshine and roses, is it? Every gardener gets itchy feet when they can’t get out, but a compulsive gardener has to just make do with a lot of winter jobs.
And to be honest, some of the winter jobs are among my favourites!

Organising seeds
DIY Seedling Pots
Plans, Plots and Schemes
Updating Your Wish List
Inspiration & Design (featuring Ishihara Kazuyuki)