Summer Insomnia

It’s not all bad.

I was trying to take photographs of the moon on the night of the eclipse and supposed blood-moon. It was the one day we had cloud cover and thunderstorms. I could hardly begrudge that!

I’m not much of a photographer, but the arrangement of Venus and the Moon over the pines  was beguiling.



A little murky, sadly, but I could see it with my eyes, and it was magical.


After spending the night with the moon, it would be rude not to hang around for the sun.

5 thoughts on “Summer Insomnia

  1. I love the moon photos. Some of them are ethereal and ghostly. Here in Victoria, BC we’ve had weeks without clouds, but now that the Perseid meteor shower is happening, what do you think? Clouds! And smoke from forest fires too, sadly. (The meteors, of course, don’t care).

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    1. Thanks Audrey – I don’t mind not being good at taking pictures as long as I can at least catch a bit of the atmosphere of a moment.

      So much drama in the skies! Some of it reliable, returning every year, some of it passing – all of it meaningful in one way or another to watchful little us with our ponderous heads tilted back. I hope the clouds rain on the fires at least!!

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